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Does saving $5,000 / year sound appealing?

"It's not just a theory: I'm doing it right now, myself, using Shelf Use Offsetting."

- Joel C.
WizerFood Developer

A key goal of this site is to be an educational resource. We've got a growing list of articles and videos to help (whether you're a WizerFood user or not)!

Learn how WizerFood can be "Life's Dashboard," helping streamline, eat better, save money, save time shopping, save the environment, and more. It also has Alexa integration, and plays well with ChatGPT. Check back as new features are added regularly!

What is Shelf Use Offsetting?

  • Hear about the basic concepts of shelf use offsetting
  • See how I'm successfully using WizerFood to support shelf use offsetting
  • This isn't theory: it's working for me today!
  • Read a deeper dive into shelf use offsetting concepts
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Using ChatGPT with WizerFood

Background and Features

Food spending is often a large category in any family's budget.

It's a category that can be influenced through behaviors and habits (both good and bad!).

One of those "good" behaviors, I have found, is advance planning.

WizerFood was built to support planning, from the ground-up.

Based on its design, it also naturally allows for planning beyond food.

For example, you can track fitness activities, income, expenses... and any other measure you can dream up!

With this type of data available, WizerFood can automatically build charts and point out useful facts.

WizerFood can be used for free.

If you use it enough to warrant using paid features: you're getting serious benefits!

You can be highly anonymous when using WizerFood - we encourage that!

WizerFood is a platform that has a lot of room to grow, based on your feedback.

This site offers articles and videos to help you develop an actionable plan that can save you money on food: potentially a lot of money!

One Minute Intro

New to WizerFood? This is a good place to start!

Featured Articles

Introduction to Tracking Finances with WizerFood
I discuss how WizerFood can be used as a financial / budgeting tool, and the benefits I've seen in my own usage, for finances.
Does Planning Ahead for Meals Make a Difference? For Me, Yes: A 25% Savings!
In this article, I detail my early findings from an approach I'm calling “shelf use offsetting.” I saved +25% against my food budget in my first month of use!
ChatGPT, Meal Planning, and Saving Money
ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that can be used to generate recipes that use ingredients you already have on hand. This can be used to reduce food waste and save money.
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