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WizerFood - Data Use

Application Data

When you create a new account, we ask for a number of pieces of data, including:

Data Use Required
Username Must be unique across all users.
Publicly visible.
Password Must meet password rules.
We suggest using a strong password stored in a password repository.
EMail Address Your email address won't recieve messages from us until you've confirmed it.
Your email address is used by us to send necessary correspondence, notifications / alerts (configurable), and password reset requests.
If you prefer to not share your email address, consider using an email anonymizer service.
* If you purchase a Premium subscription, you can remove your email address completely (not recommended).
Home Time Zone Used to ensure times you select in the application are expressed in your local time. (Used mainly by some of our services which do not run on your mobile device.) No
Home Country ** Used for our own analytics and algorithms. No
Home State ** Used for our own analytics and algorithms. No
Home Zip/Postal ** Used for our own analytics and algorithms. No
Mobile Number Used for us to send SMS notifications / alerts (configurable).
Your mobile number won't receive messages from us until you've confirmed it.

** Location-based data is useful, for example, if we add functionality such as offers or deals which are available in your (home) location. We do not actively track your current location and do not store your location beyond the Zip/Postal code level that you provide on account creation (or edit on the Settings page).

All data is used by both WizerFood web and mobile apps. None of the data listed here is given or sold to third parties, per our Privacy Policy.


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